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News (8/15/18): Amazon ceased software services, Cypher is now on
News (7/19/17): Released on Amazon (link)


- 60 Original Never-Ending Beats (60bpm-120bpm)!
- When crediting us, you can share, remix & rhyme on the beats!*
- Each beat can be slowed down for twice the beats!
- Upgrade your vocab by using the Word Suggestions!         
- Choose word suggestions by the number of syllables!                             
- Practice using the Topics Suggestions!

*The Creative Commons Attribution License applies all the tracks, share, remix & rhyme

In development:
  • Kat n Doug (2 Player Side-scroller)
  • Escape from Zellybean! (Arcade)
  • Time Fighters (Arcade)
  • Ninja vs. The Mob (FPS)
  • SpeedBoat Slalom (FPS / Racing)
  • The Flat Earth Conspiracy (Side-scroller/Puzzle)

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